Red Lion Square latest: Statue gets hat for winter

THERE has been a seething row about whether journalist and commentator Christopher Hitchens should be remembered with a statue in Red Lion Square in Holborn… we don’t need to recite how the idea to split opinion in Camden’s Labour Party again. The story ended up in all sorts of places, including Private Eye, which ribbed Labour councillor Julian Fulbrook for mocking Hitchens’ third class Oxford degree, while celebrating the existing statue in the square of Fenner Brockway. The Eye mischievously pointed out that Brockway, a Labour politician, left school at 16 and did not go to university at all. Brockway is clearly still loved by locals, however, whatever his academic achievements. If you walk past at the moment you will see a caring soul has prepared him for the winter months with a scarf and hat. Rug up.



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