Sock puppets sign in

DRAMA on the Trial By Jeory blog, usually the first place you will read about the often crazy world of Tower Hamlets politics. On the comments page to a recent post, the blog’s author, journalist Ted Jeory, suggests one of the comment posters called Tom is actually none other than… Axel Landin, a former student politician in Camden now studying in Cambridge who has a bit of history with Ted. Later in what becomes a slightly irritable exchange, Ted and Tom discuss what constitutes good investigative journalism and what a sock puppet is – it’s an interesting read, as is the original post that started their conversation in the first place.


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2 Comments on Sock puppets sign in

  1. The same Axel Landin emailed me immediately after I spoke in Camden Council last night on youth issues. He was clearly spending his evening watching the webcast on his computer. The exchanges were –

    Dear John,

    Politics aside – some good, contentious remarks about YP representation and a salient point well made.

    Hope you are well,


    Axel J. Landin
    JCR President

    Selwyn College,
    CB3 9DQ

    Sorry that should have been ‘conscientious’
    Bloody iPhone!!!

    Axel J. Landin
    JCR President


    You are the first person ever to comment on a speech of mine in real time!

    Thanks, but haven’t you got better things to do than watch the Council in session on your computer? Surely Cambridge can offer something more enticing to watch than our Council on a wet and windy night?

    John Bryant
    Sent from my iPhone

    Too wet and too windy for better things and too close to my heart!


    Axel J. Landin
    JCR President

    Selwyn College,
    CB3 9DQ


  2. I see the dark arts are catching up with me :)

    To put this into some context, practically everybody on that blog uses pseudonyms. Probably because of the kind of grief you get if you don’t. I for one had an East End Tory councillor write to the master of my college some time ago trying to get me expelled from university.

    Not ideal, but such is life.


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