The week Limahl wrote to the Camden New Journal

WOWZEES, Limahl was trending last night after he was dropped into the bug’s bollocks eating jungle programme on ITV. We are talking here about the actual Limahl. You know Limahl. Limahl. Limahl from Kajagoogoo. The one who had the hair like Imelda Davis from Grange Hill. Limahl, from the Eighties. Him. Here’s a reminder for those still struggling to place the name…

…now we all know the Camden New Journal patch has a fair few famous readers but it’s time to quantum leap back to 2006 when suddenly in comes a letter, not from Snow, Oddie, Bakewell or Palin, but Limahl himself. That’s the kind of thing that causes a stir in a local newspaper office.

A keen cyclist and living not too far from Hampstead Heath, the singer was concerned about the Heath For Feet campaign to limit pedaling on its pathways.

Limahl wrote: “I raised my eyebrows when I read about the newly formed lobby group who want to ‘preserve the rural and tranquil nature of the Heath’. Funny that – as a cyclist I want to do exactly the same. With today’s pollution, green climate issues and global warming, we must encourage cycling. It is healthy and great exercise – besides, every week we hear more news reports about how we are becoming the fattest country in Europe.”

Keeping the faith, he signed the letter off like a true popstar… simply as Limahl. You’ll know me, he was effectively saying. Even more will remember the name after he’s shared a slug nuts supper or two with Nadine Dorries and Eric Bristow. He’s welcome to write another letter telling us what it was like afterwards.

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