What Crouch End really, really needs now is… A new coffee shop

HOW many skinny mochachockamachiattolattes (to ‘have in’ while the baby has a nap in the 4×4 buggy) can Crouch End actually drink? When Clinton’s cards gave up the ghost on the Broadway recently and quit town – to be wholly frank, you could almost see their love teddies and mass of pink giant cards suffering a dwindling clientele almost before your eyes – the market research seems to have come back that what N8 really needed to replace it was another coffee chain. So, right next door to a Starbucks and a couple of doors down from a Costa, opens a Harris + Hoole. And with it a stretch of shops that once had a Clintons, an Our Price, a Woolworths, a 7-Eleven, and FADS for DIY becomes another classic example of north London’s lattification. The house prices will make you weep.


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  1. And you realise the new coffee shop is actually owned by Tesco? Crouch Enders make out they love the independent shops, but actually flock to Starbucks and Weatherspoons.

    I am leaving after 12 years and think it’s not a moment too soon..

  2. Jacqui Osley // November 19, 2012 at 7:28 pm //

    And do you know that Harris and Hoole has a connection with Tesco?

  3. It’s owned by 2 brothers and a sister. Tesco has got its share of 49 percent. I think, Harris + Hoole is better than global chains like costa coffee, even though it is not serving the expected quality of specialty coffee. Give them a chance to prove that happy baristas are more important than coffee sometimes ;)

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