Five Lily Coles

OF all the stories in the Camden New Journal this week – £5 billion waste deals, rows over international terror suspects – the tale that has been picked up by the nationals in about two nanoseconds is model and actress Lily Cole’s proposals for an apartment in the landmark St Pancras Chambers. I guess that’s journalism, folks.

The story originally came from the open to all planning pages on Camden Council’s website and the public documents listed there for consultation. They include this eye-opening artistic sketch showing a woman – maybe Lily? – with a dress which runs off forever. 

But it is more than a celebrity gets out of bed story. It’s interesting to consider the heritage hoops anyone have to jump through if you want to alter the chambers in any way and the level of protection Sir George Gilbert Scott’s national treasure is covered by. English Heritage is brought in to look over these things.

You can see the Daily Mail in particular is deeply interested in this aspect of the process in their online version with, let’s count them, 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. FIVE pictures of Gilbert Scott’s decorative features Lily Cole in different outfits.

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