The perfect Christmas gift for 2012? Get bidding

I DON’T think you lot are taking this seriously. There are only nine hours left until the auction closes on an Olympic banner which was draped from a lamppost in Camden during London 2012 and the bid is stuck at a paltry £6. I thought we loved London 2012. The official site represents one of your last chances for a quirky souvenir. And all you lot can manage is six measly pounds for a lamppost banner. Come on, imagine a loved one unwrapping this banner on Christmas morning. Their eyes will light up. They can drape it over the shed. It could be converted into a shower curtain maybe. It’s the perfect memento. As the salesman blurb on the lot explains it is ‘elegant, resplendent in colour’ – forget for a moment it is black – and a ‘truly a unique artefact and a piece of history to be treasured’. Happy bidding.


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  1. Scrumpy Jack from Somerset! // November 24, 2012 at 11:10 am //

    I’ve just got to have it!!!!!!!!!!

    I think I might be in with a real chance here folks!

    Scrumpy – and still searching for that ticket!

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  1. I bet your house hasn’t got one of these on the walls… « Richard Osley

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