GILES Coren was paid a couple of grand by the Town Hall a few years back to promote Kentish Town in a cheesy photo-shoot with councillors. He may have burned his bridges for further bookings however after unleashing both barrels of the shouty-angry thing he does on Camden Council yesterday morning… It wasn’t pretty:


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1 Comment on Bleep!

  1. Fair play to him, everyone knows describing dinner with your mates in the Times once a week means you can park where you like. The tweet itself amply demonstrates the Wildean wit and wordplay that gives the lie to those who say he only got the gig because his dad had a column before him. Furthermore, without that Baby Benylin, Coren junior may have suffered whose knows what fate, and who would inherit the column then? Priorities, people.

    Camden has clearly fallen down in not training its traffic wardens to recognise the Coren car. (Ye gods. I bet they don’t even salute as he drives past. The blood freezes.) I trust this is in hand at once.


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