TURN THEM OFF, TURN THEM ON: David Miliband and Jonny Bucknell’s comedy double act in Primrose Hill

Pic: Steve Barnett/CNJ

ONE time foreign secretary and former Labour Party leadership candidate David Miliband was the choice to turn on the Christmas lights in Primrose Hill this afternoon… but it didn’t go without a hitch. As he stepped up to lead a countdown to the big switch on, somebody pressed the button prematurely and the lights were on before he had hardly spoken a word. Conservative councillor Jonny Bucknell screamed across the crowd: Turn them off, turn them off, TURN THEM OFF. This allowed D-Mil to make a joke about ‘uncouth’ Tories and their expectation of a ‘master servant’ relationship even in the task of switching on Christmas lights. He later joked that he would ‘lead’ the countdown, if that term wouldn’t start ‘too many political hares’ running. All very political for a family xmas event, but very funny.

It’s all captured on tape at the link below. You’ve got to listen just to hear Jonny’s bellow. Amazing.



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