Kiss chase 1971

I BLAME the Ham & High, but for a moment yesterday afternoon I was staring out of the New Journal‘s window and allowing my mind to wander into a stupid ‘what if’ daisyworld. What if… David Miliband, the geeky former Foreign Secretary, and the far less geeky actress Sadie Frost had got together. What if they had become childhood sweethearts after a game of kiss chase in Primrose Hill and never let go.

As they had grown up through their teenage years and into adulthood, he could have stood by proudly as she starred in Press Gang and then the Pulp video. She could have advised him not to be photographed with a banana. It could have been a perfect match. She seems switched on enough, sassy enough to know that was never going to be a good idea.

What if? 

Miliband – who I should point out is very happily married – brought up their childhood encounters over the weekend. In a lovely anecdote published by the Ham & High yesterday afternoon, following his turn as Christmas lights switcher onner in Primrose Hill, it was reported by Rachael Getzels:

Actress and fashion designer Sadie Frost was also a no show, which appeared to disappoint the Labour MP.

Addressing the crowd, who had spent the day enjoying fairground rides, pony rides, warming winter food, and carols, he said: “I hoped to follow that with Sadie Frost up here with me, because in 1971, I’m told by Sadie that we had a great kiss chase in Primrose Hill School.” 

That whole section of the article is brilliant. What cocksure bravado, what classic big mannery from David Miliband. He, clearly the geekier of the two, can’t remember it. She can. According to him. He must tell that story at parties. A lot.

Sadie, who has been in both our paper and the Ham & High many times over the years supporting local campaigns (I remember her marching for Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children), later tweeted that she had been too sick to attend.

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