Council leader: ‘Morrissey is a dick’

SOMETIMES you see politicians tweeting and wonder why they are bothering, so devoid of soul and meaning are their messages. I mean the notes which amount to greasy backslapping commendations for colleagues after a speech in Parliament or a mechanical well done to somebody from their constituency who has achieved something newsworthy. What is it that they have to gain from sounding so robotic?

Now, I know there is a growing number of people in Camden Labour group who thinks council leader Sarah Hayward might tweet more than she speaks to them about policy… but how many council leaders in the country can you find on Twitter slapping down Morrissey over one of his now predictably controversial rants about current affairs. Whatever her Twitter strategy is – and her background is in communications so she probably knows what she is doing better than most of us – there can’t be many people leading a large local authority in the United Kingdom taking time out to tell the world that they think Morrissey is ‘a dick’.

Somehow I just can’t see Catherine West at Islington, Claire Kober in Haringey or Philippa Roe at Westminster doing something like that.

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  1. Das Kapital // December 13, 2012 at 9:47 pm //

    The big question is did she get more than 45 seconds to say it?


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