The mains man

THE dipping temperatures have led to that now familiar festive problem of burst pipes in Hampstead’s Victorian water mains. It’s gurgle time around Gayton Road at the moment. Resident and business groups – and of course local councillors – have been badgering Thames Water for a long term solution. Take Conservative Councillor Chris ‘Knighty’ Knight for example. He is calling for the area to get a full mains replacement, arguing the money saved on leaked water would make the cost of the project worthwhile. His voice appears in a long email chain with a lengthy ‘cc’ box of interested parties which did the rounds yesterday, presumably later slipped into my inbox by an admirer of his campaigning.

The issue is serious and Thames Water are not ignoring the difficulties, but a few of the recipients of the emails apparently did a childish double take when they saw the name of the Field Operations Specialist quoted as being dispatched to the scene by Thames Water… 


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  1. justin owen // December 13, 2012 at 11:15 am //

    Love nominative determinism (esp when hopefully real)…like a book I have on ‘Natural Sewage Solutions’ one of whose authors is a Mr. Weedon…or my barber whose real name is Mr. Sharp.

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