How dare you call Arsenal middle class?

IT’S sushi for lunch, the laptop was made by Apple and the kids are called Grace, Amelia and Ruben. Blah, cliche, blah. You like Mumford And Sons on the radio, Wagamama is great, its farmers markets in Crouch End, and when it comes to sport… you support ‘the Arsenal’. Ugh, that’s the stereotypical middle class north Londoner. And now to reinforce all the assumptions set in stone since Hornby, Christmas greetings from the Gunners are brought to you not by some hoarse fans in the pub, but by a local choir. It’s fun and good on them, but the rest of you: Don’t go trying to dispel that middle class cliche about the Arsenal support after this.

The old Fast Show character who popped up once the North Bank at Highbury was a row of seats would surely have applauded.

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