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ANDREW Marshall, dismissed as mischievous by some of his Conservative colleagues for pushing the three people who want to be the parliamentary candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn for an ‘in or out’ answer to Britain and the European Union, called in sick to last night’s full council meeting. When that was announced, there was the usual look across the room from the rival parties whenever a rebel (a rebel in this case of the mildest sort) is absent, the one which looks as if they half suspect he’s been tied up in a basement by the high command.

The post here yesterday explained how he has been told he won’t get an answer before the party’s ‘open primary’ to select a candidate next week. Councillor Simon Marcus, with his big Biggles bomber jacket to keep him warm, did make the meeting though. As one of the candidates contesting the primary and keen to be our next MP, I thought’d I ask him on Andrew’s behalf in a free moment during a Don Williams speech. In or out? His apology for not answering was warm enough but I can confirm that I got blanked too. I failed. The question, it was made clear, will be answered at a later date...

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  1. “Later date”? After David Cameron’s speech, I bet… If they want to be the next MP, they are supposed to represent the people of Hampsetad and Kilburn not simply reporting their leader opinion!

  2. I’m not surprised that candidates don’t want to talk about Europe, it would expose the state of the local and national Conservative party!

    But they should – the fundamental thing about Europe is that it’s not just a discussion about whether you like the European Commission or the ECJ, it’s about the future of Britain.

    Isolationists in UKIP and the Conservative base are people who don’t like many of the reforms made to our country over the last 20 years. Their Euroscepticism is based upon a dislike of progressive reform, and they see exit or renegotiation as a way of turning the clock back to deregulation, low or no social rights and a country which acts (even more) as an offshore tax haven.

  3. Blue Moon // January 28, 2013 at 5:09 am //

    Andrew Marshall is full of his own sense of importance and meddles at any opportunity. He was an appalling leader for the Conservative block, who I happen to know are not very fond of him and wish he would join the Liberal Democrats.

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