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mennearhaywardAN exchange in the written questions and answers between Camden’s top Tory and the Labour leader of the council seem a teensy bit cryptic. It certainly had an odd enough tone to get gossipy tongues wagging in the corridors last night. These type of questions are asked ahead of every full council meeting, but what are they going on about in ‘Question 20’?

It starts with a pre-amble from Conservative leader Andrew Mennear who says he is concerned about the restructure of the member support staff at the Town Hall – officials who help elected councillors with their casework – which caused a stir at the end of last year.

He then asks council leader Sarah Hayward in a written question:

“Can the Leader reassure members that any Council Member playing a part in any of the appointment decisions to this service made full and proper declarations about their dealings with the applicants before participating in the interview process and that they were compliant with Camden Council’s Code of Conduct at all times?”

Eh? Surely no member would break the council’s code of conduct. Nobody ever ever ever does that.

Cllr Hayward replies:

“Recruitment procedures are governed by the Council’s Constitution and appointments below chief officer are ultimately the responsibility of the head of paid service. Questions regarding any internal process should be addressed to him. If you would like to make a specific complaint, please contact the council’s monitoring officer.”

Over to you then, Andrew: what are you getting at?

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  1. Keith Sedgwick // January 23, 2013 at 12:41 am //

    I’m sure the leader of the Council would never use her position to secure one of her good mates a job in the Authority, without making nature of the friendship known to the Head of Paid Services.

    Thank goodness such corrupt practices in local Government no longer take place in this modern day and thank goodness we have a vigilant press, such as the CNJ, who would be all over this story if ever it occurred in Camden!

  2. Das Kapital // January 23, 2013 at 9:07 pm //

    Id like to suggest that all Camden Councillors get in touch with the real world by making contact with one of the many food banks springing up in Camden – business is absolutely booming!!!!!!

    You choose to waste your time arguing about the services of a PA! It could be argued with some merit, that some Cllrs most definately need to get some more hands-on experience.

    Some discussions leave me speechless!


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