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Angela MasonSOME might gently suggest it’s all ammo for the Tax-Payers Alliance sorts who believe all public spending holes could be fixed if only local authorities and governments cut down their budget for communications. The ones hell bent on the mistaken idea that a blanket ban on press releases and council magazines could save the whole world (it’ll take a lot more than that, folks). But why should puns be the special preserve of tabloid headline writers only? Why shouldn’t Camden Council spend a few hours working out their favourite horse-based play on words too? Yesterday afternoon newsdesks were sent a 500 word press release from Camden HQ aimed at encouraging journalists to join in the delight that the borough’s school dinners are horse-free. They must have been deluged from calls from worried parents in need of reassurance. Here is its opening gambit:

You can bet that Camden school dinners are winners with no racehorses guaranteed 

After a hard morning’s work in the classroom, teachers in Camden schools could well have heard their pupils say they are so hungry they could eat a horse.  Fortunately for them and for parents, Camden Council can assure them that they will not be eating a horse, donkey, or any other four-legged friend for lunch.

The company that supply school meals in Camden (Caterlink) have given the Council a guarantee that they are not affected by the recent scandal involving horse and pig products in burgers.

Ba-dum, drum cymbal crash! Let’s all get rich. It doesn’t stop there. When it gets to the supplied quotes from important people, senior Labour councillor Angela Mason tells us last week’s scandal is “worrying” but then throws in her own pun for good measure. Watch out for the word: stable. Surely that’s deliberate?

Cabinet member for children, Councillor Angela Mason, said

“The horsemeat scandal is obviously worrying and parents especially will want to be sure that they know what their children are eating when they are at school.

“I am pleased that I can give a guarantee to parents that children with special food requirements, for example because of religious beliefs are completely safe when they are eating school meals.

“Our contract with Caterlink provides a robust and stable basis to guarantee the high quality of the ingredients in Camden school meals.”

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