Investing in ‘unemployable sociology students’

jasonwonglselseWHEN it comes to some shock-jocky controversy over at the London School for Economics in Holborn, Jason Wong is good value. He was in the New Journal last year after posting a picture of a woman in a PVC French maid outfit as part of his run for treasurer of some student body with a jokey argument that ran something along the lines that cleaners should wear costumes if they expected £12 per hour to clean the university halls toilets. There was an apology. The story went in the Telegraph. Mr Wong said it cost him an internship opportunity.

But, in a Jeremy Clarkson oooh what’s he said now type of way, the way he stirs the pot on campus makes good copy and the student newspaper, The Beaver, have rewarded his pull over the crowd with a little column in each issue. This week, Mr W wonders whether LSE really should have invested in The Women’s Library, sold off recently by the London Met and puzzles how such an outlay is going to help students get a job after their degrees?

This Clarksonesque line sums it up:

“What we need is for the school to address these real concerns instead of politicising the library and spending millions on eft wing books, which only the few fringe unemployable sociology students will ever touch.”

Now there was a story that used to go around about Michael Winner, who died last week, in which he commissioned his own poll which showed how popular his newspaper columns were; this being of greater weight than any CV could hold. I don’t know if that was true of Winner but fair play to Mr Wong, he knows the power of audience figures too. On Facebook, he publishes a result of a poll questioning whether The Beaver‘s editors should have signed him up in the first place. He’s aced it and The Beaver has given the readers what they apparently want. Those unemployable sociology students must be shuddering.


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  1. Local Tory // January 28, 2013 at 3:59 pm //


    LSE may well have a highly political leftish student union. But its funny how these Wong types can never convert the “moderate student majority” into votes isn’t it.

    I know I know, missing the point. He’s got a great future in front of him as the next Delingpole or what have you.

    I had that Julie Birchall in the back of my cab once

  2. Peter Brayshaw // January 30, 2013 at 1:52 am //

    I graduated from LSE 1968 as BSc Soc, then LSE graduate school, Sunsequentle/during healthy slugs of economics. Please dont discourage current LSE students ( as an Alumnus Mentor myself).of all racial, genders and all other groups. The world lies before you. I am evermore grateful for my start at LSE and my subsequent
    sucesses in life (cv LinkeIn or Google!)

    Peter B

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