I bet your house hasn’t got one of these on the walls…

BACK in November, there was surprise that people weren’t crashing the online Olympic auction to get unique souvenirs from that thing that happened in London last summer. With a click of a mouse, you you could buy the banners which hung from lamp-posts across our city during the 2012 Games. There seemed to be a strange lack of appetite for bidding. One lot seemed stuck at £6, this in the country which claimed to be feverish about our summer of sport.

Bidding eventually did get a little livelier, however, and the good news is that the Camden banner has been saved for the borough. In Grace Caffrey’s flat. She sends the pictorial evidence to prove it (see Twitter, @grace_caffrey).

“Just so you know the banner is still in the borough – in a very small flat,” she explains. “It is awesome, best thing I have ever bought the boyfriend. It was a complete bargain.”

I suggested at the time it could make a good shower curtain, but it looks just fine where it is, guarded by Grace’s pal Gordon the Meerkat.



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  1. Scrumpy Jack from Somerset! // February 1, 2013 at 7:08 pm //

    Life’s a bugger!!!!!!

    I lost out to the highest bidder!

    Still, you win some, you lose some!


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