A dot of nimbyism, that’s all it is…

campbelllCAMDEN’S Labour Party has been in the thick of the fight against the planned HS2 rail link, spending public money on legal challenges at the High Court and criticising the government at every turn for a plan which, let’s not forget, will see hundreds of homes smashed up in Euston, Drummond Street collapse, graves exhumed, the top of Parkway dug up and possibly the end of iconic fixtures like the Camden Lock bridge.

But one of the local group’s more high profile members, Mr A. Campbell of Gospel Oak, seems to be of a different opinion. He reckons all of the objections to HS2 stink of Nimbyism. There he was, on Thursday night, telling Andrew Neil’s This Week that the government should just be allowed to get on and build its £30 billion new trainset. In the same segment, he and Michael Portillo giggled along to each other about how a local MP shouldn’t just be about digging in for their local area. Work that one out for yourselves.

Campbell: I’m a big supporter of HS2 and I thought the debate was incredibly depressing because it was MP after MP talking about how this related to their green field, to their homes, to their buildings.

Portillo: It’s not really what MPs are for, to just dig in for their communities

Campbell: We need high speed trains. It should be [easy to get on with] but it’s difficult when you get these dots of what will be Nimbyism, that’s all you can say about it. These bogus arguments that are coming out from both sides frankly. They should be allowed to get on and build it.

Hear that Hayward, Siddiq, et al… Nimbys, one and all. 

1 Comment on A dot of nimbyism, that’s all it is…

  1. The other one // February 4, 2013 at 3:52 pm // Reply

    Does Fiona Millar, potential Labour parliamentary candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn agree with her husband/partner/whatever’s characterisation of HS2 opponents as NImbys?


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