Still waiting for an endorsement…

YOU could see why bosses in the boardroom at the Whittington Hospital would want to shout from the rooftops if they felt they had secured an endorsement from an MP for their sell-off plans. The proposals, since being revealed last month, have done little but sicken those worried that standards and service levels will be an inevitable casualty if little bits of the hospital are allowed to be broken up. With demonstrations and marches in the offing, the managers need to pull back some authority.

But claiming an endorsement in a statement to the press which hadn’t been properly nailed down from Lynne Featherstone was only going to end up with a one thing: an apology for the MP. Protocols, we are told this afternoon, were not followed when the hospital used the word ‘endorsed’. The confusion it created is detailed in the last post. So, we are still waiting… waiting for an MP to endorse the idea of selling off half the site, shedding 570 posts (around 200 nurses) and capping births.

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