Love Hard

diehard5WHAT’S the best strategy for Valentine’s Night?

A. Tell your squeeze there is no need for an international day of romance to demonstrate how much you care and insist there’s no way you will be like all the other dorks grabbing supermarket roses on the way home from work and then pretending to be having a swell time at a restaurant full of other dorky couples.

B. Be a dorky couple in a restaurant,

or C. Take whoever you are stepping out with to see a big guns and explosions film.  

The correct answer is A. Lots fall for B. But what of C? Apparently, it’s becoming the new thing to show that a romantic night out doesn’t have to involve popcorn with an awful Romcom or, for people who wear red trousers, something French with subtitles.

On Thursday, lovestruck couples apparently turned up in their droves at Camden Town Odeon for Die Hard 5. The size of the crowd on such a night might have been a surprise enough for Lib Dem councillor Paul Braithwaite, who was there taking a rare night off his casework and probably looking for an escape. His own partner was stuck at work.

But there was something more shocking. When the Valentine’s Night mob got into their seats, they found the projectionist had kicked things off 45 minutes before the scheduled start time to an empty cinema. “The distraught couples then had an ignominious wait to queue for a refund before having to re-start Valentine’s night,” Paul reports. “Nul points for the Odeon.” 

Cllr B, by the way, is not the only councillor with a soft spot for Bruce Willis and the Die Hard nonsense. Council leader Sarah Hayward this week gave it the big motherfucky yes, or whatever those asterisks are supposed to hide, on Twitter too.

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  1. Chris Knight // February 17, 2013 at 6:33 pm //

    Braithers great piccy, one for Ms Blackman and the grand kids!

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