Yours for £270: a copy of the East London Advertiser and Pauline Fowler’s blouse


WE’VE had a chuckle at people trying to hawk copies of the Camden New Journal on eBay in the past. Any bid represents a profit on a free newspaper. But to make real money on a back issue of a London local newspaper, what you really needed was a copy of the East London Advertiser, part of the Archant stable over in Tower Hamlets.

One particular copy from the past will set you back £125… albeit not any old issue. The transatlantic treasure trove of an online shop, The Prop Store, is selling the edition which came with a mocked-up wraparound for the film 28 Weeks Later. It was renamed the ‘District One Gazette’ for the film but the style of the masthead is familiar enough and the sellers note that the mock-up is ‘wrapped around a real East London Advertiser’. So, you’ll get not only a piece of movie memorabilia but some reporting too of the wisdom of a borough having an elected mayor and a council riven by internal rivalries to make Camden seem small fry.

Talking of props and east London, the same store can help you dress like an genuine EastEnder. For £95, you can kit yourself out as an Albert Squarian in a Beppe DiMarco clubbing shirt. WHO WOULDN’T WANT THAT? It’s £45 for a C&A t-shirt worn by Jamie Mitchell and £145 for a super alluring snakeskin blouse used by Sharon Watts (Jasper Conran, size 14). The big one, however, is the chance to dress like Paaawleeene Faahwlar. For £145, you can buy an actual pink shirt – an actual one – worn by Wendy Richard in the soap. Be quick.

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