Labour’s choice

SCAN the list…. Ealing Central, Enfield North, Harrow East, Hornsey and Wood Green, and Lewisham Deptford.

No, Hampstead and Kilburn’s not on there. This is the Labour Party list of five London constituencies released today where all women shortlists will be enforced in the parliamentary candidate selection process. Harriet Harman said as the list was released: “I am calling on women to put themselves forward for the all women shortlists announced in London. Despite the warm words from David Cameron and Nick Clegg on increasing the number of women in Parliament, we have yet to see any concrete plans that will guarantee an increase in women MPs for either party currently in government.”

Discussions continue as to whether the search for a replacement for the retiring Glenda Jackson in H&K will get the same treatment, but interested local councillors Mike Katz and Thomas Gardiner at least to live to fight another day with this initial announcement.

While we wait and see what happens in Camden, today’s Labour list throws up an interesting one over in Hornsey and Wood Green, where the party clearly sniff blood at Lynne Featherstone’s expense. The local council leader Claire ‘Bring Back Banksy’ Kober has already ruled herself out of that match-up. Camden’s Sarah Hayward isn’t biting. But is there a female council leader in London who could be tempted to enter the fray….? Hmmm. Now. Let. Me. Think.


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