AWS for Hampstead and Kilburn

Glenda Jackson at the doorway of the North London TavernBAD news for local Labour menfolk who harboured hopes of taking over the reins from Glenda Jackson when she retires at the next general election. Labour List reports today that Hampstead and Kilburn will be an all women shortlist when the party chooses its candidate.

That means the constituency is a no go for Mike Katz, who has been open about his belief that he’d do a good job and was worth consideration. Thomas Gardiner, his fellow Kilburn councillor, was also interested. The outlandish ‘what about Eddie Izzard’ idea gets punctured here too, as does the longshot rumour of former Labour minister Tony McNulty would ride into town. Nobody has a clue about Raj Chada’s plans (maybe including Raj himself). Neil Nerva, a former Brent councillor, was said to be interested. Andrew Dismore has already said he has Hendon in his sights.

But it narrows the field for the women interested in the role. Tulip Siddiq, Sally Gimson and Fiona Millar remain in the frame, but there will be others too who fancy a shot at a high profile seat which Labour has held for 20 years. The lead is now only 42 votes, but whether this is a true reflection of the constituency as it is now – post-coalition government – is something of much speculation.

The Conservatives already have Simon Marcus in place to take on however the party plumps for.labourlist2UPDATED:
Mike Katz has tweeted about his disappointment


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  1. Das Kapital // March 14, 2013 at 8:10 am //

    New Mori poll: Who do people trust most?

    Even journalists scored higher than our politicians!!

    Seems like there’s quite a bit of work to be done!

    Just a few thoughts over a morning cuppa!


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