Tories scolded for ‘bring back the nose ring’ taunt

haywardIN the pierced banter which exists between the rival politicians at Camden Town Hall, joking about councillors’ personal appearance is usually considered out of bounds. Maybe then it was the heady atmosphere of a by-election polling day – they are voting in Gospel Oak right now – which led the Conservatives to provide a Twitter verdict on Labour council leader Sarah Hayward’s wardrobe.

Tweeting from the Camden Conservatives account, usually manned by party agent David ‘D-Dog’ Douglas, the Tories said that a “glammed up” picture – their words – of Sarah in this week’s Camden New Journal looked “scary”. It also advised: “Bring back the nose ring and DMs.”

It didn’t take long before Labour member Penny Liechti accused the Tories of “sexism” and one of those ‘Twitter rows’ ensued. Ms Liechti, wife of Labour councillor Mike Katz (…no, she is not defined by what her husband does, don’t start on me), railed: “Would you be complaining about Sarah Hayward’s choice of clothing if she was a man?”

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  1. Living in Gospel Oak, the day has been crazy!

    Jumper on council tower in Fleet Road have affected the voting at Fleet School!

    The traffic is a bit crazy, presently.

    My neighbours and I have been bombarded with leaflets, please just for a moment think about the trees, the paper and the recycling! All extremely avoidable! Neither a single leaflet or multiple drops is going to change anybody’s opinion!!!! Grow up!

    Labour Nazis on the streets, all dressed up with no place to go! maybe they should go home, not to their ward, that is not where they live, go home!

    And in the end, who ever wins, their victory is meaningless since we have a cabinet form of local government.

    • Peter Brayshaw // March 14, 2013 at 11:07 pm //

      Can’t let this person’s ignorance and prejudice go unchallenged. Resent very much the unfounded concept of “Labour Nazis” as a lifelong fighter against racism and fascism. I am now at home, in my own ward, where I do in fact live,many colleagues live in their Wards. Even in the last few days knocking on doors and talking to residents in Gospel Oak has shown me some who still didnt know there was a By-Election! Lack of local newspaper interest (maybe due to Richard Osley’s paternity leave) hasnt helped. Yes we have by law and choice (between Executive Mayor and Leader and cabinet) a Council cabinet system. But the Labour Group operates an annual election for Leader and Cabinet, and when Maeve is elected she will have a voice and vote in those elections, and indeed on all forthcoming policy issues.

  2. Penny Liechti // March 15, 2013 at 12:42 pm //

    You missed off the end of the exchange, Richard – @camdentories maintaining they would have made the same comment about a man (“glammed up”? really?) and my pointing out it’s called “occasion-appropriate dressing”.

    Also I’m afraid I failed in my wifely duty to consult Mike before tweeting. ;)

  3. Sarah Hayward // March 15, 2013 at 6:35 pm //

    Sadly, despite tweeting me regularly, David didn’t contact the right @Sarah_Hayward (my actual twitter name) yesterday – cock-up or conspiracy? The other must’ve wondered who he was and what he was talking about!

    He regularly takes the p*ss out of the fact that I don’t wear my nose stud any more – although it’s been much longer since I last owned a pair of DMs (now that means direct message to me!). I don’t know whether I’ve made the right choice either.

    Penny makes an important point though. People are obsessed with making comments about the appearance of women politicians in a way men just don’t have to put up with. While I know David well enough to take it for what it is, some minor teasing, the reason I don’t wear the stud (I never wore a ring) and his comments on my appearance are part of the same thing. Until we get passed it women won’t be on a level playing field in politics. Or the other professions where women get the same treatment.

    Maybe I’ll wear my stud on the whittington march tomorrow.

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