The march

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IT’S two months since the New Journal and Tribune’s Tom Foot broke the story that almost half the Whittington Hospital’s site faces being sold off, hundreds of jobs axed and birth numbers capped. And now look where we are. Tomorrow, north London marches once more in defence of the hospital. People had to take note of Tom’s story. It has sent shockwaves across three boroughs and drawn in the interest of other newspapers and television channels. Perhaps the reasons for marching are broader this time it is not as simple as whether a casualty department stays open or close. But it remains a march for the NHS, a demonstration for anybody who thinks hospitals should be supported and improved without being forced to sell their assets (whatever state they are in).

Above is a reminder how we marched in 2010 to save the Accident and Emergency department. Tom later won an ‘campaign of the year’ award for the newspaper for the efforts, but that was also testament from an amazing community response. The pledge then was that if further threats to the hospital emerged, the battle bus would be wheeled out of the garage again. Meet at 11/11.30 at Highbury Corner tomorrow (Saturday) for another spin up the Holloway Road. The determined Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition expect thousands in the streets.

(all pics: Mark Blunden)

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