Ken for Brent Central? Imagine.

SOMETIMES a swirling, fanciful rumour is just too good to let these political hack types feast on all to themselves. Speak to movers in north London’s branches of the Labour Party about this one and you’ll probably get one of two responses: ‘Yes, I’d heard that too, but is it true?’ or ‘haaa haa hahaa ha, of course he won’t try that, that’d be crazy’. 

Whisper it, but what about the idea that former London Mayor Ken Livingstone might just fancy running for selection in the Brent Central parliamentary constituency, a seat currently held precariously by Lib Dem Sarah Teather. Just imagine that, eh? Well, it’s not one of the seats marked for an all women shortlists. Maybe some of the gossipers are admirers who have nothing more than just wanting it to be true – Ken, after all, said he’d fought his final election when he went down to Boris last year – but if anybody sees him buying a cup of coffee in West End Lane sometime soon, ask him for me. 

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  1. Sheila A // March 17, 2013 at 9:55 am //

    West End Lane is in H and K!

  2. Yes, but Ken frequents the Costa there. Brent Central is in part Ken’s own old constituency though.

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