Lib Dem resignation: ‘My politics haven’t changed but…’

IN the opinion pages of the Ham and High this week, the Lib Dems find, on the heels of the resignations from the party of Jo Shaw and Phillipe Sands QC, another letter of sad desertion. Kirsten de Keyser explains why she has brought a life of ‘stuffing Lib Dem leaflets through doors in Highgate’ to an end. After 32 years in the party – she was there for the SDP – she writes that her “politics haven’t changed but right now I feel much happier fighting for my principles outside any party machine”.

She adds that after the euphoria of seeing Lib Dems in a coalition government, the joy was replaced by disappointment by a “profoundly depressing catalogue of bungled opportunities.”

Her assessment: “Nick Clegg accepted the Gilbert and Sullivan hat of deputy prime minister, neatly gagging him in the House of Commons. Good move Cameron. Six months later, Vince Cable tried his damndest to lessen the tuition fee tragedy but lipstick and pig springs to mind.”

I can’t find the link online, but you can read it in the newspaper ‘s digital edition on page 22.

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