Tories turning LSE campus blue?

toriesoncampus1HARDLY restrained delight shouts out of the pages of the student newspaper at the London School of Economics this week.. from the Conservatives. They say student politics on the Holborn campus, a place they describe as a historic “bastion of British socialism”, is turning blue.

In a comment piece for The Beaver, the LSE Tories write that they are “challenging historic political leanings”, insisting their gang is on the rise: “The once-marginalised society has become a political hegemon in campus with higher membership levels than any other political society and over four times the membership of the LSE’s famous socialist societies.” Apparently, membership is up 45 percent.

Many who have taken on Frank Dobson in Holborn and St Pancras over the centuries have dreamt about mobilising a student army to oust him, only to then find only a smattering were registered to vote in the constituency. The LSE Conservatives boast in their piece of 140 fully paid up members. The local association might require one or two more than that.

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