Have you seen our tree?

THE pedestrianised areas of Camden Town are all done… but whatever happened to the large tree outside the HSBC bank which was in those original artists impressions for the are? That might stop the buskers. Should you want to stop the buskers. I’ve rather become accustomed to a spitting beatboxer being out there of a Friday afternoon.news031810_19

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  1. “…come accustom”?

  2. Chris Knight // March 31, 2013 at 7:47 pm //

    Well spotted Osser! having been in on the ground floor of the Camden Town Urban Realm improvements, the Naked St, Brittania & Cobden Junctions I would be disappointed if we thats “the royal we” don’t get itplanted. That said the planting season is finished now until November so watch this space!
    I also reckon Camden have done a lot of great numbers in the Borough and this is another of them, having recently completed and past a Professional Certificate in Urban Design Camden are held in high esteem by the officers of other Boroughs who took part.

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