‘Glenda Jackson was horrid… I’ve never liked her since’

miriamglendaMIRIAM Margolyes was in good form when interviewed by Mark Lawson for BBC4 this week. Hampstead and Kilburn MP Glenda Jackson might want to give it a miss while its still on the iPlayer, however. During the interview, Margolyes slips into what becomes a curious broadside relating to the time the pair were in a production of The White Devil together back in the 1970s. She explains:

“I was in a thing called The White Devil, a revenge tragedy, I played Zanche the More and I’ve always called it Zanche the Less because I was dreadful in it and I wish I’d never done it. Glenda Jackson played the lead and she was horrid. I really didn’t like her and I’ve never liked her since, even though she votes Labour and no doubt does good work in Hampstead. But goodness me, she was a pain to work with. I remember I was sacked from that because I wouldn’t take a pay cut. I won’t take pay cuts so it’s no good offering them to me. Most people are nice but you’ve asked me about two people I can’t bear.”

Lawson, obviously intrigued, asks her whether she had told Glenda about her irritation.

MM: “I told her she was a cow.”

ML: “What did she say?”

MM: “I can’t remember but she seemed to imply that I was something of an amateur and she may well have been right about that… but there was certainly a frostiness.”

I think Lawson should get Glenda on his interview slot next week to give her side of what went on backstage at the Old Vic in 1976.

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  1. I remember seeing the production & being absolutely knocked out by it. No recollection whatsoever of Miriam, so it may have been after she was sacked. Jack Shepherd played Flamineo and was sleazily evil. Jackson was absolutely stupendous, couldn’t have been better . .

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