Glenda ‘shouted at student newspaper journalist throughout interview’

Chris Philp and Glenda JacksonGLENDA Jackson has been in hot demand for interviews after trashing Thatcherism at last week’s House of Commons tributes session for the Baroness. She’s been telling people she’s solidly unrepentant about the unique timing of her speech. Among the press requests, the Hampstead and Kilburn MP granted time to The Boar, a student newspaper up at Warwick Uni.

But poor old Rozina Sabur seems to have had a serve of the iciness which Glenda adopts for journalists every now and then. It’s a rite of passage moment for all who swing through Hampstead during their cub reporters days, the moment she sighs and tells you something along the lines of: ‘That’s the wrong question… that’s a silly question… you’re not doing this very well’. To be fair, I’ve probably asked her some silly questions in the past.

Look at the concluding pars of Rozina’s piece. They read: “Ready to leave the world of Westminster behind, she remains a tough interviewee, not only challenging my right to ask questions on behalf of students but indeed shouting at me throughout, for which she apologised afterwards.”

Earlier in the interview, Glenda sounds irritated that Rozina had failed to spot she was five months pregnant (with Dan Hodges) in Woman In Love. “Your eyesight can’t be very good,” she says. Oof.

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  1. I had been asking her about a different film – A Touch of Class – but I wasn’t brave enough to point that out!

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