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lucianaroger2THREE years or so after being named on Labour’s council election slate in Camden, Luciana Berger made it to Question Time last night.

Of course, her very short-lived campaign to become a councillor in Somers Town ahead of the 2010 Town Hall polls – aborted in favour of a parliamentary campaign 220 miles from home in Liverpool Wavertree – is long forgotten now.

Instead of becoming a councillor, Luciana, who is related to local councillor Roger Robinson, became an MP. Dashing through the Labour ranks since then, to the envy of many of her colleagues, she’s already the party’s Shadow Climate Change Minister at the age of 31.

Those watching closely last night had to keep a close eye out, however. It was a bit blink and you’ll miss her. The weekly programme is just over 59 minutes long and Luciana’s airtime amounted to just six minutes and 19 seconds, so about ten percent of the show.

She doesn’t have control over how the programme is cut by the BBC, so it’s unclear whether lots of her contributions were simply not shown. If that’s the case, she should complain. Another alternative could be that she simply didn’t offer more opinions as the debate went on. The lights of the Question Time is clearly an ordeal for some but the experienced panelists often don’t wait for Dimbles to invite them to speak, they jump in and hog the argument when they hear another guest say something they don’t like.

Even the audience, including a teacher itching to tell us that her academy in Worcester had been ranked outstanding, seemed able to score more time on QT last night than Luciana.

So it was six minutes and 19 seconds for Labour, a week before county elections. It must have felt like a missed opportunity as those expertly windy politicians Nigel Farage and Simon Hughes cornered the camera.

PS… the level of response for Luciana’s performance on Twitter, a network which becomes a chaotic disco of political tweets whenever Question Time is being aired, rarely rose beyond the following:

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  1. QT don’t extensively cut the show which is aired not long after it takes place, it’s essentially recorded live.

    They tell the audience before hand that they don’t cut at all although that’s not true as they will take things out that they think may be libelous (and possibly audience members if they are disruptive).

  2. Peter Brayshaw // April 26, 2013 at 8:04 pm //

    Am sure Jim is right…so the issue is David Dimbleby’s chairing, which I find increasingly intrusive of his own rephrasing and intepretation of audience questions Would be interested, Richard, in the complete airtime breakdown figures, certaily I thought he allowed male panel members more than their fair share of time. And, as the person Labou selected to replace Luciana in the St Pancras and Somers Town Ward 2010 election, I wonder why you, Richard, failed even to mention another local resident and candidate, now leader of the Green Party, Naalie Bennet, who I thought along with Luciana scored some good points..

  3. The real point is the excessive amount of nepotism in the Labour Party! Please see:

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