Are Camden Labour’s ‘factions’ still operating?

EslamdoustNOT everybody nodded their heads at the ‘Peace and Love in Camden’s Labour group’ post here last week. While nobody challenged for the leadership at the annual general meeting last night and it’s as-you-were in the council cabinet, there was a contest for the stewardship of the licensing committee. Some suggested it was a ‘factional’ attempt at overthrowing Maryam Eslamdoust. She held on to the job from Heather Johnson, who is in her last year as Mayor. The vote was, a handful of sources report, very close.

One suggested it was a solid attempt at getting rid of Maryam, a councillor in Kilburn since 2010, adding: “Heather hasn’t even been a member of the licensing committee for the last seven years.”

In loose terms, Maryam is often pocketed in the ‘left’ side of an internal divide. Others say there is no left-right divide within the group and disagreements are more based on personality clashes than anything else.

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