Ed Milibandman

PAVAN Amara’s exclusive about geeky Labour leader Ed Miliband not being geeky jumped from the pages to the New Journal this morning to virtually every national newspaper and Sky News. No, it wasn’t a PR stunt set up through Miliband’s office. Maybe people just liked the story because somebody wanted something to smile at after weeks of stories about bombings, disasters and horrible court cases.

collagemilibandElla Phillips, the cyclist he helped in Kentish Town Road, makes the story with her quotes about how she felt when she looked up dazed after flipping over her handlebars: “What added to the confusion was that he was actually attractive and not geeky at all. Even the way he appeared was suave.” The papers have had a field day trying to cast him as the action man superhero she talked about. Spiderman, Superman, take you pick… The photoshop efforts above, however, are all trumped Huffington Post’s ‘Miliman’ who you can see HERE looking out for trouble outside Kentish Town tube.


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