Sheila’s warning: ‘I still have the sores from when I worked with John Major’

Sheila_Gunn 1WHO was the last Conservative woman to win in Belsize before the group’s new leader Claire-Louise Leyland came along? It’s an easy one: Sheila Gunn. John Major’s former press secretary and later a councillor for the ward between 2002 and 2006, she warns today that the Tories risk ‘handing the next election to Labour’ with fights over Europe.

She tells the Huffington Post: “I still probably have the sores from when I worked with John Major, when Conservative MPs would say, ‘oh, but Sheila, this issue is much more important than everything else’ – but they were just handing victory to Tony Blair and the Labour Party. You could also say now that the Conservative Party is handing the election to the Labour Party.”

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