Dynamite Don for Westminster North?

donNOT unlike their Labour counterparts, Camden’s Conservative group at the Town Hall has a bit of a tradition for having councillors with one eye on a parliamentary campaign. In recent years, Chris Philp, Brian Cattell and Andrew Marshall (who is still on the council) have all given it a shot in recent times while holding a seat here. Then there was Andrew Mennear’s near miss in 2005 when he was just 741 votes away from unseating Rudi Vis in Finchley and Golders Green. The seat turned Tory at the next election, kinda underlining how close he had come to escaping council politics for a seat with the big boys and girls.

But what of the current crop? Simon Marcus is already gunning for Hampstead and Kilburn and we wait to see what happens with the familiar gossip about the well-connected (and well-respected) Laura Trott possibly having a future on the Commons’ green benches.

And then there’s Dynamite Don Williams (pictured above, right). The rumour has it that local finance man for the Conservatives, growing with confidence with every Town Hall speech, is apparently keeping tabs on the Westminster North constituency, an interesting electoral battleground where Labour’s Karen Buck held off the challenge from Joanne Cash last time out.

Buck vs Williams, it’d be a classic tussle for colleagues on the West End Extra to cover, but all he tells me is:  “I’m happy working hard in Swiss Cottage.”

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  1. *please leave Don in swiss cottage @camdentories…
    Cllr. Williams has always done his best to represent views of swiss cottage residents,
    not just cons. – !
    ( another cllr. who is a millionaire ex-banker does not really seem to understand …)

  2. Most will look at that picture and think how dogmatic the Conservative Party has become that a pragmatic pro-European like Andrew Marshall isn’t actively sought out for a seat.

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