The music was very loud

WHEN Labour members somehow managed to stumble into de-selecting long-serving councillor Roger Robinson from his Somers Town and St Pancras patch ahead of the 2006 council elections, there was uproar at the way the party was seemingly bumping a man of local legend known for ploughing through the casework and apparently being so dedicated he takes calls from residents at 2am in the morning. The party, the history books show, swiftly found a way of re-running the internal vote and Roger was back in place a few weeks later. He is still a councillor in the ward now.

Given that curious slice of local Labour Party history, surely, in the internal jostling for nice seats at next year’s boroughwide elections, Labour activists wouldn’t risk a similar episode by hawking out another former Camden mayor in this summer’s selection process? I could have sworn I heard somebody cry sympathetically across the room ‘watch your back Abdul’ at the Town Hall the other night, but, as you all know, the music at the mayor-making party was very, very loud. I must have been mistaken. 

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  1. Vote Mr Independent // May 22, 2013 at 8:38 am //

    Hi Richard

    Come on now, I don’t think for one minute that your ears deceived you, from the passing comments on the night.

    Unfortunately, this is the sign of the times within Camden Labour politics these days, one minute they will smile at you, and the next thing your out on your ears!! The Labour party is nothing but a pit full of venomous vipers, you should count your lucky stars that you did not get bit???

    Council meetings are the biggest joke of all times, it’s like the Chief Executive’s “Creche night” all his boisterous Councillors bickering at one another, especially Cllr Fulbrook who’s unsavoury comments about another councillor on the night, which in my opinion this comment was entirely uncalled for, it’s a shame Cllr Fulbrook cannot face his leaseholders with the same form of intergrity.

    I suppose the food and the cupcakes on the night was extremely lavish, it’s a shame are good old councillors did not think about those constituents who are now reliant on the many food banks within Camden.

    I think the saying goes “Are you with us or against us” Labour need to lead by example, but not at the expense of the Camden taxpayer who are struggling , Labour will be punished at the next local elections for being greedy.

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