Which Guardian journalists want to work for The Sun?

WITH five minutes of the Premiership season left on Sunday, I turned off the televison and looked at the ceiling instead of the football and just waited for good news, such was the fear that Spurs might knock Arsenal out of the Champions League places. Unbearable, it goes to show how little there is between us and them. Yet for all the crowing that needs to be got in before Spurs can get another chance to best Arsenal, the football article most worth reading this week is the Guardian’s interview with the hugely-entertaining Jurgen Klopp, the Borussia Dortmund manager whose team play at Wembley on Saturday night in the Champions League final. Give it a read and look out for his take on UK journalism after being asked about star player Mario Goetze abandoning the Dortmund ship for Bayern Munich this summer.

“It’s absolutely normal that people go different ways. At 18 I wanted to see the whole world. But I am only in Mainz and Dortmund since then and … [Klopp laughs] it’s not the middle of the world. It’s OK that they want to go to different places. But they get there and, shit, it’s not the same. Look, you work for the Guardian, and sometimes you see your colleagues and think: ‘Oh no, the same old thing every day.’ Maybe you want to go to the Sun? More money, less work. More photographs, [fewer] words.”

Ha. A man who has lit up the Champions League this season like nobody from our country has, I hope he gets the trophy on Saturday.

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