Giles Coren, the Village Voice and the price of journalism

6576356TIMES columnist and televison face Giles Coren was on familiar form for an interview in the latest edition with the Hampstead Village Voice, a unique independent magazine which is full of acerbic observations about the changing neighbourhood. It’s kind of like a Private Eye for NW3 and there is certainly a lot of affection for it at the news stands. Sitting down with the main Village Voice man Sebastian Wocker, Coren has a lot to say about Hampstead and also his home neighbourhood, Kentish Town. And then there’s this curious exchange about money in journalism:

Hampstead Village Voice:Back to the press, the Kentish Towner apparently just got a £30k subsidy. The Hampstead Village Voice has never received so much as £30. Blighters.”

Giles Coren: “Yes, they just printed their first paper issue and paid my wife two hundred quid, which frankly is about as much as The Guardian ever pays her (laughs).”

HVV: “The last story I wrote for a newspaper was for The Independent back in 1993 and I got £175 for it. Not a big raise for freelancers in 20 years?”

GC: “No rates haven’t gone up. In fact they have gone down. When I started writing for The Times in 1993 I was paid more per piece than junior journalists are now. It’s alright if you are me then, of course, you get paid quite a lot, but if you’re not… My wife for example is a sort of middle ranking journalist so doesn’t get paid nearly as much.”

HVV: “Surely it helps a bit that she’s your wife. Don’t they say, ‘Oh alright we’ll give her a little more’.”

GC: “Only if I negotiate it for her. No, she doesn’t get more. In fact she probably gets paid less because they think I can pay for her. And quite rightly because my wife went into journalism with the approach, ‘either I’ll become a successful journalist or I’ll marry one’.”

The full interview runs for four pages. Lots in there. You can buy the magazine from newsagents in Hampstead. Its website is HERE too.

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  1. How very splendid. Up the Gunners! Emmanuel Mustafa Goldstein , Editor & Tea Person.

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