Nighty-night Knighty

chrisknightckCHRIS ‘Knighty’ Knight is set to turn his Churchillian V for Victory sign into a wave goodbye to the Town Hall. The Hampstead councillor – one of the most photographed politicians you’ll find in the local papers – is not seeking re-election in his ward at next May’s council elections.

“To me it’s a seven day job,” he says, “and with that there is a risk that you neglect the things that are important in your own life because you’re always worrying about other people’s problems. Hampstead is one of the busiest wards in Camden for casework and I’ve thrown myself into it. I’ve fallen in love with the place and the folks up here have been tremendous, but I’ll have done eight years of duty the council at the next election and there are important things in my own life that I need to take care of too. Whoever takes it on is taking a tiger by the tail.”

In the bubble of local politics, Chris has a big rivalry with Liberal Democrat Linda Chung in the split ward. The contest between the two would have been one of the little sub-stories of the boroughwide vote next year. He will growl at you if you suggest that Linda has finally seen him off.

But he adds: “It’s sad and I’ll have huge withdrawal symptoms but I don’t want to become a lifer, a Galapagos tortoise on the council who goes on and on and whose whole life is just the council.”

His Conservative party colleague Laura Trott is also due to end her spell on Camden Council next May.

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  1. Chris Knight // May 24, 2013 at 5:55 pm //


    You know better than to think anyone would see me off and that is why in my business life I was known as “the rhino” thick skinned, work hard and charge a lot!

    I would like to borrow a Healeyism in the case of Linda Chung, being attacked by her “is like being savaged by a dead sheep”


  2. Vote Mr Independent // May 26, 2013 at 7:26 am //

    Dear Richard

    I think the real story behind Cllr Knight not standing again, is come the next election is he knows full well that the Conservative Party will lose “BIG TIME” if not defeated once and for all.

    Let’s not listen to the old “Cod’s wallop” of Cllr Knight’s tales of true dedication and commitment to the people of Hampstead, was I reading right that Cllr Knight claims the role of Councillor is a “seven day job”. Yeah, right ” Jog on Chris ” ask anyone within the Borough who has tried to contact you or any other Ward Councillors on your taxpayer funded blackberry!!!

    Cllr Knight talks as if he is giving his time for free, what about your public allowance Chris, or do you compare that to some form of spare pocket change, as I am sure that there are quite a few food banks and local people within your ward, who would love to earn the allowance of a Councillor even the bare basic allowance.

    Intriguing, how you described yourself in your business life as a “Rhino” thick skinned, work hard and charge a lot, sounds to me like a typical run of the mill greedy Conservative politician, who thinks he knows it all, but in reality no’s nothing , hence the need to abandon a sinking Conservative party come the next election!!!!!!

    Although, your criticism of your coalition buddy Cllr Chung is distasteful by any standards, something you should openly apologise for, or is it Cllr Chung is more popular than you these days!!!!!!!!!!

    As the saying goes “Are you with us or against Us” .

    Happy retirement Chris, you got your P45 before you was pushed.

    • Das Kapital // May 27, 2013 at 2:50 pm //

      The truth of the matter is you’re not a terribly nice person are you CK!

      Sadly – and it is quite sad – most of your posts amount to nothing less than ego, ego, ego.

      It’s a sure sign that something major’s lacking when somebody needs to continually harp on about their supposed strengths.

      With regards to Linda Chung – and I’m certainly no supporter of the Lib dems – it’s always easy to attack somebody who won’t or indeed can’t attack back, the sure sign of a coward!

      You could have attacked the Lib Dems as a party, but to personalise the attack the way you did wasn’t very nice. You could have attacked your own government for being one of the worse on record, certainly with regards to how it’s treating some of the most vulnerable people in this country, but I don’t suppose that would have fed the ego in quite the same way!

      With all the Alpha Male stuff floating about – what a fiasco – it makes one wonder whether stepping down has something to do with Cllr LL taking over as leader of the Camden tories – it’s something worth thinking about?

      I’m with Mr Independent on this one – get the election posters up – we could even have a by-election, eh, – sooner rather than later!


    • Chris Knight // May 27, 2013 at 5:01 pm //

      Aha this comment gives proof to another old saying “ingorence is bliss” its total cobblers being shouted by the uninformed!

      • Chris Knight // May 28, 2013 at 10:17 am //

        Daz both you and Mr Independant are nothing but a pair of ARM CHAIR SNIPERS!

        As you have so much to say (all of which is total cobblers) pity you dont get of your lazy bums, stop hiding behind your keyboards and get out there and do some good!

        Grow you pair of Poison Dwarfs.

    • Wow you attack Tories, nor just Labour!

      Being anonymous detracts from the overall impact though.

      • Das Kapital // May 28, 2013 at 10:42 am //

        From where I’m standing there’s not really that much difference!

        Labour did after all bring in ATOS – remember – and although it appears to be making all the right sounds about reversing the bedroom tax once re-elected back into government, it needs to be taking a firmer stand now!!!!!!!

        In fairness, there are individual Cllrs – probably from most parties – who do make a difference on a local level, especially with the way they progress their individual case work, although it would be great to see more standing up to be counted when it comes to the bigger issues at the Town Hall such as voting through cuts.

        However, there are those Cllrs who have no other interest than to get their parties re-elected next time round (it becomes like a disease) regardless of the spin often churned out on the doorstep.

        I’ve seen enough completed ME’s sent to residents that do no more than to give a council officer’s account of a situation but no more, that’s it, finished!!!

        And as for the ones who turn away from the real issues (and some can be more blunt than others about the way they do this) but who get themselves photographed by every post box (red, yellow or green!) in their ward ……………

        Maybe some of us – and I get the feeling the number is growing – just believe that ordinary people deserve better, especially those of us – and I’ll be quite honest here – who would be natural Labour voters.

        Quite frankly, sitting at a HASC scrutiny meeting where all three parties – Tories, Labour and Lib Dems – but not the Greens – are members, it’s difficult to work out who belongs to which party and I’m afraid the same could be said for most Town Hall meetings – had a look at your attendance lately?

        We might see a bit more activity – like participation at the odd march or two – as the local elections approach, but not all of us are short-sighted enough to accept crumbs in exchange for our votes!


  3. Vote Mr Independent // May 28, 2013 at 8:00 am //

    Is Cllr Blackwell playing “Knight Rider” well it’s a shame Labour did not attack the Tories with the reforms and bedroom tax!!!! Not once have the good people of this borough heard Labour shout from the roof tops, having said that what are Labour doing to reduce the poverty, hardship and impact these imbecile Tories have created for many, I think Labour have lost their roots in society, as there is only so many times both Labour and the Tories can fleece the poor!!!!

    The people of this borough want true leadership, not idiots who play with train sets and play Russian roulette on the monopoly property board at the expense of the people of this borough, one only has to look at the mess of the Labour party councillors, and no don’t say that there is no bickering or green eyed monsters within the party, one only has to look at the councillors who remain at the back, born with a voice but suppressed to tow the party line whether they like it or not !!!!!! Shame on those that refuse to speak out.

    Let’s face it Theo your destiny to climb the Parliament political career ladder to sit amongst the privilege few who know nothing and do nothing???? was derailed sometime ago, by your female leader Cllr Hayward, just like good old Cllr Knighty the “Rhino” who is running before he is pushed by another female leader.

    I think you will find that old Knighty is past his expiry date, and that the challenge to remain a councillor is too great, as Cllr Chung is more popular than him these days in posh old Hampstead.

    You never know, the people may want to vote Independent next time at the elections, the current regime of all political parties have had it far to easy, make councillors work and earn their public allowances for a change, don’t waste your vote on a party that will not work for you vote Mr Independent.

  4. Chris Knight // May 28, 2013 at 1:05 pm //

    Soppy twit!

  5. Vote Mr Independent // May 28, 2013 at 1:20 pm //

    Cllr Knighty

    It is clear to me from the tone of your comments, that you are just another typical conservative with his head up his own “backside” who is full of himself, not only have you shown your true colours as a venomous viper, but you discriminate against little people.

    You need to remind yourself that the word “Dwarfs” is now only used in a fictional fairy tale story book called “Snow White” the medical term for this disability is called “Restricted Growth”. maybe you and your fellow councillors need to undertake disability awareness course to brush up on your lack of knowledge around the many disabilites that many residents within Camden suffer from, and yes disability is both physical and hidden!!!!!!.

    Since you like to ” Brag about yourself ” maybe you can enlighten everyone to one good deed that you have done for the community, not just about yourself, credits and merits only come to those that truly work in the interests of the communities that they serve. Members enquires are nothing more than delegating a case load to another, and in a lot of cases these normally result in nothing productive!!!!

    I don’t think Cllr Blackwell has got the budget to etch your name in stone on any of the plaques at the Town Hall, maybe a simple retirement card will suffice given the economic mess the Tories have placed the country in.

    Once a loser always a loser.

  6. Chris Knight // May 28, 2013 at 2:05 pm //

    Grow up & cheerio!

  7. Vote Mr Independent // May 28, 2013 at 7:32 pm //

    Cllr Knighty

    By the way I am a grown up, which gives me the right to vote, at least I can honesty say that I have never wasted my vote on a loser like you, who is running before being pushed out !!

    Ps I am not a Cheerio man, I am more a coffee and toast man.

    Bye Bye ” Rhino” happy retirement

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