WHO was playing spot the Labour selection candidate at the Save Our Fire Stations march on Saturday? Your H&K bingo cards should be showing a full house.


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  1. iamIndependent // May 28, 2013 at 3:06 pm //

    What ? No Male candidates for Labour – ! Shocking )

  2. Das Kapital // May 28, 2013 at 4:04 pm //

    Looking at this post, I rest my case, I truely rest my case, Theo!

    and yes, you might have spoke a bit too soon.

    Still, the photos will look great on the election leaflets.

    Sorry about the doom and gloom, but it sums up the way many people in Camden are feeling right now hence the low turnout levels at recent by-elections such as Gospel Oak which didn’t even reach 27%!

    Surely, surely all politicians out there need to realise that all’s not too good out there, certainly as far as the electorate’s concerned.

    What would I do? Put the petty politics aside and unite for a good but common cause (such as abolishing the bedroom tax) – and it’s not always about who becomes mayor of Camden – yawn, yawn!!!!!!!!


  3. Vote Mr Independent // May 29, 2013 at 4:47 pm //

    Dear Richard

    Bingo, I think you hit the full house if not the “JACKPOT” with so, So many Labour Councillors all in one place for a CNJ free photo shoot, you sure Labour’s financial whizz kid
    Cllr Blackwell did not manipulate this worthy march by offering up his Labour ” Damsels” for a little PR and free publicity from Camden’s favourite local paper.

    All three candidates Gimson, Linden & Siddq parading themselves for poll position for a climb on Labour’s political career ladder, O’h don’t forget our good old left winger
    Cllr Callaghan doing her “Peek a Boo” impression! Bet old Knighty the “Rhino” would have gave his right arm and a leg to have another photograph of himself along side these dashing Labour damsels before the conservatives push him out for good!!!!

    Nonetheless, what do the pictures say, Gimson with a push bike, Linden folding her arms looking bored and Siddq holding a banner ??? and Cllr Callaghan doing “Peek a Boo” well it’s a shame that none of them especially Cllr Gimson who recently chaired the Welfare Reform scrutiny panel did not do the same to protest against the Government reforms to create poverty and hardship for many both in Camden and around the country.

    It’s a shame that Cllr Fulbrook was not waving his banner, funny how his limelight has come to a sudden halt since he turned on the many leaseholders who looked up to him, once upon a time !! Although where was coco the clown
    Cllr Hayward , bet she was playing with her train set?.

    • Richard Osley // May 29, 2013 at 4:59 pm //

      Comments always welcome, although the debate is surely far greater enhanced by discussions on policy and positioning rather than anything that could be viewed as name-calling.

      I think it is fair for frustration with politicians at all levels to be aired if it is felt, but as I said before, when offering vehement criticism it’s surely always more powerful better to put a name to them.

  4. Vote Mr Independent // May 30, 2013 at 5:41 am //

    Hi Richard

    Alas, your response and comments are true in an ideal world, but hey we are talking about the world of seedy politics both within Camden and central Government.

    Unfortunately, from my own experience, I have often witnessed first hand how both Councillors and Officers react and target those individuals who basically “speak out” to voice genuine concern, I can assure you that there are countless victims out there who have suffered over the years, but have been afraid to speak out!.

    I am afraid that you refer to the conduct of “professional etiquette standards” in a loose sense, if only some of our own Councillors and Officers shared the same view at times, lets refer to some of the criticism directed at normal everyday people by our elected few of recent, Poisoned Dwarfs, Twit, Armchair snipers, Lazy, one only has to look at this blog and the twitter site to gauge how our elected professionals conduct themselves in open forums, So I think it’s a case of lead by example, do has our elected councillors do!!!!! As I for one will not be a victim to a ” Pit of Venomous Vipers” who are often too self indulgent to expressing theirs and the parties views only!! What about the normal everyday citizens of this Borough, don’t they have a say or do we have to grin and bear the force of utter imbeciles who claim to represent the citizens of this borough !!!.

    Lets face it, the welfare reforms,Council and BedroomTax have impacted on the community big time, our local councillors and Camden are trying to play this down?, some of the estates and street property tenants within Camden are suffering poverty and financial hardship as a direct result, there is no evidence that both Councillors and Camden are attempting or trying to lessen the impact, Camden’s main efforts are purley aimed at increasing rents and leaseholder charges to soften the blow on it’s own budgets, what do the citizens have in return, CUTS, CUTS, and more CUTS to come.

    Camden should be ashamed of itself for promoting “Food Banks” within the Borough, we live in the 20th not the 17th Century, people should not have to endure the indignity of begging or queuing for food handouts or tokens in todays world !!

    Come the next elections the people of this borough will give our political powers to be a reality check when it comes to voting, Independent Councillors will be the next Administration at Camden Town Hall, the only wastage going is our over paid officers and the bureaucratic red tape, discretion, flexibility and meaningful consultation combined with a No evictions policy will be the way forward to bring people power back to the world of politics.

    Long gone are the days of broken promises from all parties, the people will simply not carry you any longer!!!!!! so don’t knock on doors come the next election if you are not prepard to fight for the normal everyday ordinary citizens of this borough!!!!

    • I’d be interested to know how Councillors actually ‘target’ free-speakers or have done in the past, sounds a bit (ahem) far-fetched – unless of course you mean that councillors actually dare to speak back when you make various outlandish claims about our motives and heckle us in public meetings. This is called a debate, not persecution. (I have seen a mace smashed at a public protest though…)

      If you want to stand as an Independent, please do – some advice: people do need to know who you are in order to vote for you! Presumably you’ll be starting off with a focus on wards held by the Coalition?

  5. Vote Mr Independent // May 31, 2013 at 6:37 am //

    Cllr Blackwell

    Your comments are a fair one, but mind “Boggling” at times.

    Sadly, both you and I know that there have been many occasions when Councillors themselves and Officers have pursued individuals for daring to challenge decisions that have been made behind closed doors and without consultation!!!!! This is a fact, I am afraid to say. Unfortunately there is enough evidence out there that does confirm that there are quite a few Councillors within your own party who have many “skeletons in their wardrobes”?

    Public meetings are there for any member of the public to speak out or challenge both Councillors and Officers about policy, procedures and decisions that have or could have a tremendous impact on the welfare of the many people living within Camden. I suppose you would like all taxpayers and members of the public to sit in “Council Chamber” like something that resembles the film “Silence of the Lambs” well what happend to Freedom of Speech?.

    I along with many other “Independents” within the Borough will be standing come the next election, although we will not just be targeting or focusing our efforts on the coalition held wards. Although, just for your cheek, if you think you sit comfortable within Gospel Oak then think again?

    Are you with us or against us? people power will always win over any deluded politicians who think they know best!!!!!!!!!!! Labour need to remind themselves that they were punished once in Camden for not listening, which is the norm for Labour these days!!!!!!!!

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