H&K: Labour candidates claim same endorser

IN olden days, explorers would plant a flag in land they thought they had reached first and could claim for themselves. But it’s not immediately¬†clear whether there is a Tulip Siddiq flag or a Sally Gimson flag sitting on top of Camden’s social services chief Pat Callaghan’s head at the moment. Both Tulip and Sally claim on their parliamentary selection campaign websites that they have Pat’s endorsement in the race to become Labour’s candidate in Hampstead and Kilburn. How polite of her to want them both to win but – what gives? – two won’t fit into one.


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  1. Das Kapital // June 12, 2013 at 1:02 pm //

    At least the Camden Greens have got moving on trying to get Camden Council to pledge not to evict households in arrears due to the bedroom tax!


    But the big question is how many of the other parties will join……………………….


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