Brian Coleman: ‘Barnet Tories rejected Iain Dale when they heard he was gay’

HE may have been expelled from the Conservatives but they just can’t shut up Brian Coleman over in Barnet. He’s just not just going to go quietly and surely he knows that all the haters, and he has a lot of those, will simply not be able to resist reading what he has to say, steam coming out of their ears with the digesting of each sentence on his blogsite.

Today, he throws around a couple of secondhand insults, talks about the bra straps and tattoos he saw in the audience of a West End musical… and, oh, he talks about how LBC radio presenter Iain Dale didn’t get a parliamentary selection from his former Conservative colleagues in Barnet after he had told them he was gay.

“The sound of elderly jaws hitting the floor was the end of Iain’s parliamentary ambitions in North London,” Coleman writes, with the careless abandon that journalists across this city have feasted on for several years.

He used to be very dismissive of bloggers who tracked his every move, but you get the impression he may start enjoying penning his own online journal. Memoirs have been promised.

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  1. iamIndependent // June 10, 2013 at 11:17 pm //

    Brian cannot be right – surely ! – as he is a Happy and Gay man too ; why would the cons. not want another one …. beggars belief – Politics is the Game – not choice of sexual partners.

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