Corbyn: ‘Ed Miliband seems to be slipping into New Labour groove’

ISLINGTON North MP Jeremy Corbyn celebrated 30 years at the House of Commons last week and decided to treat himself with an opinion piece in the Morning Star. Corbyn attacking the Labour leadership may not be unique news; Tony Blair must still bear a few marks where Jeremy’s darts hit his back. But this isn’t Tony Blair, he’s growling at, it’s Ed Miliband. Corbyn warns that in his recent speeches the Labour leader had “pandered to the Daily Mail’s obsessions, immigration and social security”.

He adds: “Ed Miliband seems to be trying to slip into the same New Labour groove, gaining a perception of ‘responsibility’ in the eyes of the financial press and populist right wing tabloids.” He goes onto talk about his disappointment at the idea that Labour, should it return to power at the next general election, cap social security. His piece can be read in full HERE.

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