‘Whatever happens, save Nando’s’

WHEN large numbers of police, protesters and photographers (you decide which the largest group were today) tango in central London, it’s always interesting to keep an eye on the tweets from the scene. In olden days, there would be no room for reporters to add the little bits of colour they pick up on the ground which can bring something like today’s G8 demonstrations to life for the reader. In the past, it was simply 1) How many people were there? 2) How many got nicked? 3) What got damaged? 4) A couple of quotes. Ends. Reporters sometimes felt that the amount of copy they got on a page didn’t match up with the hours they had spent waving their press cards and avoiding a police kettle.

But now at least – and it may be a small thing, but it’s surely enriching –  you get tweets as the event unfolds like the one below from Guy Smith (@GuySmithReports), and it’s sound because it comes from a trustworthy, top notch journalist at BBC London. Brilliant.


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