The £75,000 toilet

photo2THE Bambi artwork of Amy Winehouse in Camden Road has become a little local landmark.

People stop and instagram it at least once a day. Works by Bambi – the female Bansky and all that – can now fetch big money. Brad Pitt is reported to have spent £75,000 on one. She’s big.

So here’s a gift on our doorsteps, as it were, from an artist who lots of people like and who has produced an image of a singer who locals treat with a special, bittersweet fondness

So, what do do it with it?

Wee on it.

This city can’t be trusted with anything nice. Whoever is behind the green door has clearly had enough of the street becoming a toilet and has set up a camera to catch the culprits. You can understand their frustration.

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  1. This is a truly great tribute to Amy Winehouse in Camden, the legend lives on – looks like someone is getting a lot of attention as a result of this huh :) –

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