The cabinet and Con Air

Con AirLIB Dems were left irritated last night when Camden Council’s cabinet meeting seemed to pass in a flash. It wasn’t concluded in record quick time, but it wasn’t too far over the 40 minute mark when papers were put away for the night.

Lib Dems insist cabinet meetings will not count for much more than a box-ticking exercise if there isn’t much of a debate before the top table of Labour councillors sign off policy decisions. Despite their claims that the council has ‘lost its grip’ on the Abbey Road redevelopment plans, the agenda item was swiftly dealt with, largely with a response from council officials.

Meeting closed for the night council leader Sarah Hayward was back home in time to tweet that she was unwinding by watching the film Con Air, while Lib Dems were left stamping their feet. Probably without her realising, the tweet about the film was actually like a red rag to a bull for some of Labour’s opponents, who grumbled later as if they wanted to haul everyone back to the main chamber. There may have been steam from ears.

All that said, some Labour councillors actually agree that the cabinet sessions could be added to the full council meeting in a review of how the Town Hall operates. Sarah, it has to be said too, has often declared herself open to hearing all ideas for an overhaul.


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  1. iamIndependent // June 13, 2013 at 6:35 pm //

    -FibDims seem to be getting upset about everything nowadays – all 6 or is it 7 .. ? of them ! very much an opposition ; indeed /

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