‘Witchcraft’ requests in West Hampstead

lawstatuesTHIS was an odd one a while back: Actress Phyllida Law’s gargoyles were stolen from her front garden in West Hampstead. She posted a sign saying the thief would be cursed. It was all a bit of fun – she dressed as a hook-nosed witch – but, two years later, the little statues were returned anonymously in a rucksack along with a begging letter asking for the spell to be lifted.

The tale is well remembered by neighbours of Ms Law, who is, of course, Emma Thompson’s mum. So well recalled in fact that she revealed this week that people have come to her door ever since asking for her to conjure up magic on their behalf. “Someone knocked on my door recently saying their car had been stolen in Kensal Rise and they were told someone at my address could get it back for them,” she said while speaking at the Oldie Literary Lunch this week, as noted by the Daily Mail’s Richard Kay today.

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