Rubber gloves Russell to step down

Russell EaglingWHEN Russell Eagling’s name crops up at the Town Hall, especially among Labour members, it isn’t usually very long before somebody mentions his rubber gloves. In March, the loyal Lib Dem wore yellow marigolds at a full council meeting to suggest the council was washing its hands of the cuts to public spending and blaming it all on central government. Most took it in some good humour but the stunt actually made one or two of his opponents very, very irate. Even at the mayor-making event last month, I heard somebody in the corridor complaining about it to the Lib Dem leader Keith Moffitt.

Now, not because of the reception to his props, it turns out Russell is stepping down after eight years at the Town Hall. He won’t seek re-election next at the boroughwide elections next May. He’s been a pretty committed councillor, somebody who people from all parties might be willing to recognise worked hard. Outsiders were sometimes puzzled that Russell, seen below taking photos, did not seek promotions in the local ranks. Would it not be a shame if all he was remembered for was the rubber gloves?


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