Crunch time in Cantelowes: Labour riser vs Lib Dem ‘irritant’

bealesONE of the mini-battles at next year’s boroughwide council elections will be in the Cantelowes ward. The issue for Labour is to try and remove Lib Dems who stubbornly held onto their seats last time Camden voted as a whole and Paul Braithwaite, an occasional maverick who wore an ‘irritant’ t-shirt to the count in 2010, remains a key target. The problem for Labour is that he has, what they call in the game, ‘name recognition’ among voters.

But Labour think, if they can’t beat him among voters in the expensive pads off Camden Road, they will at least be able to outflank him “on the estates” where they claim to “do more work”. It’s a disputed point.

Last week, Danny Beales, another of those familiar Rishi-like campaigners who you see in the background at by-elections, was chosen to fight for the seat alongside Angela Mason and Phil Jones for Labour. Important people in the group want him on the council and there was a sigh of relief in other wards when some sitting councillors looking over their back heard he was going for Cantelowes and not sizing up their seats.

So, mark up your bill-stickers in anticipation now: Beales vs Braithwaite, next May. It won’t be part of the undercard.

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  1. iamIndependent // June 17, 2013 at 2:53 pm //

    PBraithwaite is ok as far as FibDims are concerned – the porblem is Muppit from F Green .

  2. Chris Knight // June 17, 2013 at 3:11 pm //

    Braithers is a good Councillor and a decent stick, my monies on him to hold his seat. Elections always spark off political tribalism but in the main all our current crop are good bunch.
    That said their are a couple of Lib Dems i would like to see firmly on their bikes, no prizes for the correct guess?

  3. PaulB has shown himself to be a genuinely independent, campaigning Councillor who happens to be a Lib Dem. If he loses in Cantelowes because of Lib Dem unpopularity nationally or locally, it will be a loss to Camden, though some officers might heave a sigh of relief.

    Labour knows what good work he has done and continues to do on HS2. It does them no credit to put up someone whom they regard as a “riser” if that means what it sounds like. It also does Danny Beales little credit to want to cause PaulB to be lost to the community.

    Brian (member of no party)

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